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Carbon Tanzania Documents

Carbon Tanzania – Marc Baker. (2016). Carbon Tanzania’s 2015-2016 Annual Report for Plan Vivo on Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation in the Yaeda Valley, northern Tanzania.


Carbon Tanzania – Infographic. (2015).  Carbon Tanzania’s 2015 Annual Report highlights the Yaeda Valley REDD+ project’s major outcomes from 2015 in an easy to read interactive poster.

Carbon Emissions Assessment options - Carbon Tanzania

Marc Baker. (2015). REDD+ as a proven model for strengthening indigenous land rights and improving livelihoods. Presented at IIED side event COP21 Dec 2015

Carbon Tanzania – Marc Baker. (2015).  Carbon Tanzania’s Annual Report for Plan Vivo on Reduced Emissions from Deforesation and Forest degradation in the Yaeda Valley, Northern Tanzania.

Carbon Emissions Assessment options - Carbon Tanzania

Carbon Tanzania. A document outlining two different carbon emission assessment options available with Carbon Tanzania; 1. a free Carbon Emissions Assessment and 2. a full Greenhouse Gas Audit

Carbon Emissions Assessment options - Carbon Tanzania

Carbon Tanzania. A document outlining the process of offsetting your carbon emissions, in addition to details on our three levels of engagement; Carbon Aware, Carbon Smart and Carbon Elite.

Carbon Tanzania in the Press

Dan Ashby & Lucy Taylor – Deutsche Weller Video. (December 2016).  Tanzania: Hadza Eco-Warriors Fighting for their Land.

Willy Lowry – Voice of America News video. (November 2016).  Tanzanian Tribe Turns to Carbon Offsets to Protect Ancestral Forests

Sophie Tremblay & Willy Lowry – Mongabay. (November 2016). Ancient Hunter-Gatherer Tribe Protects Traditional Forest with Help from Carbon Trading.

Carbon Emissions Assessment options - Carbon Tanzania

Arjen van der Sar – Club Africa. (October 2016). KLM, Air France – Club Africa: The Business of Forest Protection with Carbon Credits.

Allie Goldstein  –  Ecosystem Marketplace.  (June 2016).   Things White People Like – As Told by a Hadza Tribesman.

SSIR Forest Conservation article - Carbon Tanzania

Jo Anderson, Marc Baker & Joris de Vries. (May 2016). Stanford Social Innovation Review: Making it Our Business to Conserve Ecosystems (Not Just Elephants).

Xioating Hou Jones. (December 2015). International Institute for Environment and Development – Tackling Deforestation as Part of Climate Action.

Finnigan Wa Simbeye – All Africa. (January 2015).  Tanzania: Carbon Tanzania Set to Double Project Area.

Matt Miller. (October 2013). Cool Green Science: Can Forest Carbon Markets Provide for a 40,000 Year Old Culture?

James Karuga. (June 2012). New Agriculturist: Carbon Trading Spurs Tanzania’s Hunter and Gatherers to Conservation

Fred Nelson. (Swara July – September 2014).  Laws and Carbon Offset Give New Start for Lost Tanzanian Tribe.

Nike Doggart. (August 2012). The Arc Journal: Tanzania Forest Conservation Group.  Special Edition: Bringing together expereinces from 4 REDD pilot projects in Tanzania.

Steve Zwick – Bionic Planet Podcast. (Episode 2 Part 1).  The 40,000 Year Old Question. Interviews with tribal leader Richard Baalow, legal expert Edward Lekaita, Marc Baker of Carbon Tanzania, Matt Brown from The Nature Conservancy and Gus Silva-Chevaz of Forest Trends.

Third Party Publications


Northern Tanzania Rangelands Initiative (NTRI). NTRI aims to seek a landscape where people and wildlife co-exist peacefully. Carbon Tanzania is proud to be one of ten conservation and development organisations that collaborate with NTRI to acheive their aim.

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Caleb Stevens, Robert Winterbottom, Jenny Springer, Katie Reytar. Securing Rights, Combating Climate Change: How Securing Commuity Forest Rights Mitigates Climate Change. (World Resource Institute & Rights and Resources.

Marion G Bastos, Will Ashley-Cantello, Ingrid Visseren-Hamakers, Aarti Gupta, Josefina Brana-Varela. (2015). Forests Post – 2015: Maximising Synergies Between the Sustainable Development Goals and REDD+.  WWF’s Forest & Climate Program & Wageningen University

Allie Goldstein, Gloria Gonzalez. (2014).  A report by Forest Trends Ecosystem Marketplace. Turning Over a New Leaf, State of the Forest Carbon Markets 2014

Mark McCormick, Paul Scruton. (2015).  (Info-graphic) An Atlas of Pollution: The World in Carbon Dioxide Emissions.  Data published by the US Energy Information Administration.

Sachedina, H., & Nelson, F. (2012). The Development of Payments for Ecosystem Services as a Community-Based Conservation Strategy in East Africa.