News from the Yaeda Valley

Forest Conservation with Hadza

It has been a busy 6 months for our community partners in the Yaeda Valley and for Carbon Tanzania.

As some of you may have already heard we are expanding the size of the Yaeda Valley project area and incorporating surrounding communities. The newly incorporated land is adjacent to the existing project site and will be governed by similar management strategies. In late March we completed the Above Ground Biomass study (AGB Study) for the new area in conjunction with Yaeda Chini village members, Alphonce Mallya, a GIS specialist from The Nature Conservancy and Chira Shouten the co-ordinator of The Norhtern Tanzania Rangelands Initiative joined us for a few days, and they were kind enough to bring along Joris De Vries, whose organisation HRSV has recently invested in Carbon Tanzania. This study scientifically calculates the quantity of carbon stored in the trees within the project area and determines how many carbon offsets can be sold annually. The land use maps, AGB survey and change detection data has all been submitted to Plan Vivo and we expect certified carbon offsets to be issued at the end of 2015.

This expansion is thanks not only to our investment partnership with HRSV and the support of our clients and partners, but to the dedication of each village member who has taken ownership of the project activities and devoted their time to protecting the forest.

The biannual village payment meeting was held in May with both Domanga and Mono wa Mono village. These meetings were initially held to process payments to the villages from the sale of carbon offsets and to discuss any issues that had recently arisen. The carbon offset payments to the Hadza community are now being made by M-pesa, a system of transferring money via mobile phones, but we are still holding the biannual meetings to discuss new ideas and provide guidance on how to iron out any issues that may have arisen. This meeting saw lively discussion not just from members of the community guards but from women and elders of the village, all who contribute to the success of the project and determine the path for their own future as Hadzabe and that of our planet.

As in previous years, funds were committed to the Haydom Lutheran Hospital Medical Fund, to reserve food supplies and to the payment of school fees for individual children from the community who are currently undergoing education in local schools.


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