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Marc Baker

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Marc Baker - Founder
Marc Baker - FounderDirector of Operations
On reflection, my passion for innovative conservation is surely grounded in a lifetime of living and breathing Africa. It began with birds. As the son of one of Africa’s leading ornithologists, I thought having eagles in the house and weekends spent driving hundreds of miles to ring birds in remote forests was normal, something everyone did. This created a deep personal understanding of nature at an early age and, more importantly, an understanding of the fragile, complex world in which we live.

With a background in conservation biology and having spent nearly 20 years living and working in Africa, it is evident that the threats posed by global climate change present a threat to human and wildlife populations on this continent. The important role forests play in managing global carbon dioxide levels has created a clear link between protecting forests and protecting people, both globally and locally.

At Carbon Tanzania I am focused on ensuring that the links between the global effort to mitigate climate change and the diverse needs of successful forest conservation are prioritised. This requires me to create strategic partnerships with a growing network of organisations working in land management, research and forest economics. As a founder and the director of project operations, I monitor ongoing projects and focus on project development ensuring that Carbon Tanzania is able to take its unique conservation model to scale.

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