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Jo Anderson

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Jo Anderson - Founder
Jo Anderson - FounderDirector, Finance and Sales
As one of the founding partners of Carbon Tanzania, I see the business as a natural extension of our efforts to create and support effective conservation solutions for aesthetically beautiful and scientifically important natural habitats throughout Tanzania.

I come at the work we do from a deep understanding of the ecology of forests and other terrestrial ecosystems, and the need for integrated management of natural resources that genuinely includes the priorities of the people who exist in and around them.

Having spent many years working in the bush in East Africa under various guises – professional safari and hiking guide, landscape ecologist, guide trainer, journalist and amateur explorer – I do not need convincing of the inherent value of the earth’s wild, natural places.

At Carbon Tanzania, I am putting my efforts into communicating the need for us all to value forest habitats for the benefits they bring both to their local communities and to global human health. This means being up to date on all the considerable science and field work going on around the world that continues to reveal how important these habitats are for local economies and livelihood, as well as their role in the efforts to tackle the damaging effects of human-induced climate change. I also keep en eye on our closely linked credit sales and financial planning needs, and deal directly with all retirements, transfers and credit transactions.

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