Invest In Forests For People and Climate

Certified nature based conservation solutions that protect local resources

Carbon Tanzania is a social enterprise that has overturned conventional landscape conservation in East Africa with its innovative, business approach to protecting forests and wildlife. We help to make conservation an economic imperative for people, who need to see tangible benefits from efforts to protect their natural resources.

In 2020 Carbon Tanzania's natural climate solutions benefited 63,000 indigenous and forest people, protected over 650,000 ha of forest and verified 1.4 million verified emissions reductions.

All three of our operational projects are NCS lighthouses. Lighthouse projects are examples of natural climate solutions generating positive environmental impacts and socio-economic benefits. They projects elevate the successful human, environmental and climate stories behind these initiatives.

The Yaeda Valley Project has been awarded the 2019 Equator Prize and recognised as "an outstanding example of a local, nature based solution to climate and sustainable development." - Jamison Ervin, UNDP

The Ntakata Mountains Project has been awarded the 2021 Pathfinder award in the category Land Management - protected and conserved area solutions that contribute to land degradation neutrality

We are in the business of conserving natural forests

We work with communities and governments to realise the economic value of their forests

Our main way of financing this work is through the sale of carbon offsets

We measure impacts in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Verified Forest Conservation Solutions

How do we know that our conservation efforts succeed and deliver benefits to communities? All our REDD forest conservation projects are certified by third party organisations.

Four Pillars Of Our Approach

Four Pillars Of Our Approach

Protecting Tanzania's Forests

Achieve Better Conservation Outcomes

Our extensive experience in East Africa means that we can offer innovative and powerful ways to combine good conservation and rural development. Whether you are looking to develop partnerships in your landscape, develop a REDD project of your own or design a business solution to a conservation challenge, Carbon Tanzania can help.

REDD project design, development and implementation

Landscape conservation solutions strategy and planning

Collaborative planning with Government authorities

Commercialisation of results-based forest conservation projects

Exploring and leveraging partnerships in your landscape

Be Carbon Smart


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