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We cannot tackle global climate change without addressing deforestation


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Indigenous communities must benefit from climate change action.

Since 2010, Carbon Tanzania has worked with indigenous communities to develop an innovative approach to conserving their forests. The process starts with securing ownership of land and includes basic law enforcement to protect from deforestation, thereby minimising the release of stored carbon. By keeping their forests intact these communities are able to earn an income through generating, and then selling the certified forest carbon offsets.  This process leads to a reduction in deforestation and the associated sustainable development of some of Africa’s poorest and most marginalised communities.

“When the Hadza see a forest, they see a multitude of resources, like when we walk into a supermarket and look through our options, the Hadza see ripe fruit, unripe fruit, they see tools and resources for their homes; they can name every tree, every bird, every plant. They understand the value of the natural world”.  – Marc Baker

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a team of dedicated conservationists, who want to see society reconnected with nature. Our business is to make the conservation of native forests accessible to everyone. We offer you the opportunity to offset your carbon impact, an action which directly benefits indigenous communities and their environments across Tanzania.

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We are certified by Plan Vivo, a third party organisation that certifies the adherence of forest conservation projects to strict standards, ensuring our REDD+ carbon offsets are real, measurable, permanent and benefit indigenous communities.

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For Carbon Tanzania, conserving forests is also about combating climate change. Deforestation is a major contributor to the world’s carbon emissions. If we can stop deforestation, we can help slow the rate of climate change.  To get involved you can measure your emissions, reduce them where possible and then offset with our certified, forest carbon offsets.

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How do indigenous forest communities benefit when people and businesses offset their carbon emissions?

How do I protect forests when I offset my carbon emissions?

Why are trees important in combating global climate change?

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All of our REDD+ forest carbon projects are verified by leading international third party certification organisations.


Global climate change cannot be addressed without tackling deforestation.

Once a forest has been lost...
A forest is more than simply trees – it is an entire ecosystem which cannot be reproduced. Once a forest has been lost, so too has its biodiversity, in the form of numerous species of insects, plants, birds and mammals.

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