• Our Vision

    We recognise that forest communities value their environment because of the direct and global benefit they derive from it and that the global community needs to invest in these intact tropical ecosystems that are important for global ecological health. … Continue Reading…

    Our Vision
  • Why offset?

    “Our goal is to be a genuine leader in sustainable tourism and to create positive impacts on the natural habitats and the livelihoods of the people in our areas of operation. By partnering with Carbon Tanzania..." Joost Freijzer, Asilia Africa. … Continue Reading…

    Why offset?
  • Yaeda Valley

    The Yaeda Valley project is a flagship example of our innovative approach to conservation, where we work in partnership with the Hadzabe, one of Tanzania's most unique and threatened cultures with a deep reservoir of indigenous knowledge. … Continue Reading…

    Yaeda Valley
Support forest communities in Tanzania by offsetting your emissions now